Sought out #15 of Banksy’s Better Out Than In in TriBeCa.  Quite out of the way for me from work, but it was worth it.  It was a little dim and the QX10 doesn’t have a built in flash, but the weather was perfect.  There was just enough light to squeeze out a few decent shots.

Columbus Day 2014: Spent my day off looking for the Banksy pieces scattered throughout New York City.  It’s really unfortunate that almost all of the pieces have been defaced.  

The one I took in Woodside, Queens this morning was intact, but it’s only a matter of time before some schmuck ruins it.

Didn’t make my way into Brooklyn this week.  Perhaps next weekend, or the weekend after that.

Playing with my new QX10 (attachable lens-style camera)

I love this thing.  It’s not the best camera, but it’s so unique as there’s nothing else like it right now.  

It’s also way better than the camera on my smartphone.

Will be posting more!

I’m reviving my Tumblr. Again.

I have a new found desire to blog again.  I considered creating a new blog on another site, but I really just want to share things.  

That’s pretty much what I did before, but I would just reblog other people’s reblogs.  

I recently bought a camera attachment for my smartphone and it’s probably the coolest piece of tech I’ve purchased in…ever?

So expect a lot of picture posts (taken by me).  


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